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Sunday, November 21, 2010

wanna ~ WANNY ~ MY LIfe

well letz get it started..
im not new here..
juz my oldies blog cannot be opned nemore... wuu.. how sad..
so i wuz thnking to mke a new blog..
fresh but full with great story..
ok..tis is me.. err am i really weARing spectaclez?? nahhh~~ (-_-")
tat specz dont even have power.. duhh.. ahkaz..ok d pix below wuz me.
witout spec..and d real owner of tis blog..

  ag pix dak yg benama sheryn shazwanny nie

and more...

and lagi...

ok..enaf wit ma pix..gonna publish more n more story..
juz stick n keep on following me yea.. 

another HOT stowie

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