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Monday, May 16, 2011


salam to all..
hue time wanny post entri nie wanny bru dua ari je pas 
cabot gg..
perggghhh sakit bukan main lagii...
yg best tyme doktor masuk kan jarum 

3 kali kt gusi then 2 kali kt lidah..
wuiyoo... se-enak kay ep see beliaw

cucuk tang sini cucuk tang sana..
umm k la... i've learn a lesson..
once u sakit gg u have to see d dac..

gg mana yg aku cabot??
eh bukan aku yg cabot.. doktor tu
yg cabut..
if korang nmpk 'first molar " lower teeth..
graham plak tu.. mmg ase mcm nak kayuh
beskal je time kene cabut tuh..

gosok la gg anda..ye!!


1 comment:

Ecul said...

erm...xpelaa janji selamat semuanya...kan?

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