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Monday, June 20, 2011

when i really2 fallin'

 Missing you 
more and more each day
just seeing your face 
takes my breath away
Moments like that should last forever even when we aren't together.
You hold my hand and set me free,

 you show me what love is supposed to be
From the moment I saw you, I was amazed
You set my heart ablaze

one moment with you 
would make everything ok
whenever i see you 
I wish you could stay 
no words can express
how much I need you
how my love is so true
but i will spend this night
once again, missing you

I looked to the left then glanced to the right,
And then I saw you… what a handsome sight

You smiled at me with your warm caring face,
And suddenly I felt heaven was this place

... to my deary cik bf... saya harap awk yg terakhir
saya sayang awk..
moga jodoh saya ngan awk tetulis ats sana.. 


faizal said...

really2 nice words my dear! *pensan jap*

cik shahrine shazwanie said...

hehe... syg masok air..

Indera said...


another HOT stowie

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