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Sunday, July 10, 2011

advised untuk ditelan~~

quite some time x updating my deary diary..
umm.. reading other's punye belog je...
bnyk news menarek.. hue~~
umm.. well this one pny entri xde pe pon.

nama pon diary soooo wanny coret pe yg wanny ske lah kan..

lately nie rase mcm bnyk probz lah..
padahal xde pe pon..
living life to d fullest..
~ fullest lah sgt kan..
wanny nak ckp sket sal one gurl nie..
bkan ngutok k..
cuma luahan ati..
dear G can u stop acting like that..
really annoyng lah..ape yg kamu dpt wat cmtu??
juz an enemy maybe.. wut else?? kutukan?
im not a good G anyway but atleast wanny xwat cmtu..
kacaw idop rang len and destroy rang len secara silencer..
thatz really not good dear G...~~
im here as ur fren so any advised yg wanny bg before this adalah ikhlas..
tho kamu nmpk only my bad side but its ok..
wanny xnk life kamu hancur sbb dri kamu sendri..
advised dari kamu wanny simpan and stand to be a better person..
sama lah jugak advised dari kwn2 yg len..suma wanny simpan..
my advised to u??? u threw it away and juz like a piece of shit kamu degrade sayekehidupan xslalu nya..
d word xpe yg slalu kuar but inside hanya tuhan yg taw..
kehidupan xslaloo nya akan indah..
think bfore u dig ur own grave my dear G~~~

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