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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

too high to reach d ground..~~

frst of all i would like to convey my deepest condoloence
to my mother's fren coz she juz lost her daughter who met with
accdent.. yeah lately accident juz like common thng that occur..
how bad..~
my bro eta pon bu accdent..
thnk god xtrok..
umm today on 6 july 2011 (wednesday)
me and my hencik hubby jenjalan..
sooo nak ucapkan thanx bnyk2 cause b da wat syg eppy
even sgt pent inside..  b thanx.. and thanx coz smalam b jempot syg balik keje..
coming all way from kay el and dtg country juz nak anta syg balik keje..
sweet sgt kezutan tuh.. haiyoo.. speechless..~~!!
and b maaf syg xmkn if ngan b..
selain diet syg mmg xde selera mkn lah ..
umm and nak coret kan sumthng yg syg xpenah rase before..
frst u came into my life syg da sgt bahagia.. thanx b jage syg.. sweet..
syg beruntung knl b sbb b baik sgt..manis plus ensem..yay!!~~
mama pon syg b..~
harap kita kekal even syg pasti kompom ade halangan ..
biasalah kan cnta jarak jauh..
tp lau xde alhamdulilah..
mmg syg xsempurna b.. still weak in certain matter.. but im sure b xkan pent didik syg..
syg janji akan jage b sebaik mgkin and belajar mkn anyak2 from now..
love u dear b..~~
to my stalker 'sorry dude..
i xlayan gosip murahan..lalala....~~

1 comment:

faizal said...

err..hehehe..*blushing x 8* sile mkn byk2 ye! ;)

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