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Saturday, March 31, 2012

really hoping on u -used to be -

thnxx to one of my senior yg sudi accompany me when im sad to death~ 
when there's no one else ade tp die ade..
thanx buddy.. 
u're my best budddy ever...
life wusnt always hppy.. or suckz like hell..
its just how u manage ur life well..
me , i did a lot of big mistake tat i knw i shouldnt 
go for it..
as a normal human being YES i want a very hppy ending in my life..
and i really workin' hard towards tat actly..
so for now i think im not gonna depends on u nemore... ok ?
im sick n tired with ur selfish attitude..
imma be ok wth my life..
imma be d same wanny tat u knw...
life gotta keep movin' on..
so d freedom i'll gt will  be d strength i'll use
to move fwrd..
pictre below:
wth my crazee classmate n roomate..
yong ema awin n aisyh...
thanx accompany me when im sad , laughing, scared to death , n d reason why im smiling
at segamat... trima kasih kawan =)

picture below :
last day at segamat.. =)
gonna be memorable moment.

fake smile is d easiest thing to do~
just hide all ur pain and smile. 
more picta camin ' 
waiting for one of my fren to upload tat pix..
nota kaki : saya chenta awak :')

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