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Thursday, March 29, 2012

ThIs lOvE WiLL nEvA D.I.E

im in love..
in love wth d person tat i really adore..
kamoo.. terima kasih..
really mean it..
hanya awak yg boleh buat saya rase indah camni..
pape pon saya besyukur sebab manage to reach this line today 
and u still here wth me..
tho awal2 pekenalan mmg bnyk gila probz kan..
tp awak xpenah penat pujuk sy untuk kawan dengan awk,,
im fallin for you..
thanx for lending this sweet guy to me YA ALLAH..
walaopon wanny xtaw pe isi hati sebenar die tp
wanny harap die rase ape yg wanny rase..
~ love is in d air ~
p/s : i love u wth all my heart~
miss ur smile n the ''suka sakat people'' attitude..
#picture of me n my lovely best buddy.. love u sema lambong! ehehe~~
cant wait fr the sweet trip wth sheda intan n asma up next~ =)

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