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Saturday, August 25, 2012

move baby move~

hakhak..title entri pon seram sejuk je kan..

huhu.. nothng much just nk ckp 
these back few days mmg SS lalui hari yg best..
susah nk kumpul ngan sibz.ya you know when abg abg n kakk
bz kerja jauh jauh so hari raya je la dapt
gather cmtu.
me , my sibz and izz *love 
actually plan just nak anta my twin balik kem dekat 
port dickson.
*kem tentera darat
thursday . 08:00am moving to pd.
then lalu jalan misteri

bridge tu dibina untuk apa ??
then eddie rezza bani n my lovely mama
lepaking at teluk cempedak
wmy fav place ever..

so other pics on tat day

k. move to today's date
hang out ngan roshini n danial n dev at 
jusco rawang

then ptgtu hang out ngan my sweety dojes
asma sheda intan
thnks sayang for d day.. best
gelak tawa
*thnks to syahrull nizam n eechrm udi dtg my ouse 

nota kaki : saya sayang mereka.. seriously they made my day..

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