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Thursday, September 20, 2012

never tot its going to be this wonderful =)

hope all readers facing d most wonderful day today
and hope tat tommorrow will bring more joy and full of happiness.
so hey peeps.. long entry..lama xmenghapdate belog..
well bz doing stuff related to my course..
i think its not too late for me to thank all my buddiez tat 
wish me luck 
as i am a dgree student now..
alhamdulillah besyukur sangat sangat.
at first mmg rase down..
saya xde sapa.huhu..
then datang sorang hamba allah yg sgt sweet
name wan fatihah wan zain
besama roomate saya
#aida yg suka sakat saya punya latah nie.. XD
tehah on my right while aida on my left.
these two pretty lady do accompany me when im alone.
then met more new cool buddy aka my new classmate
adawiyah or adah.
she'z damn sweet..and at frst i wus like
shez humble and full with sweety attitude.
tehah , adah and me.. 
d happness i gained so far doesnt stop there.
today i met more coollll clasmate
wan (no pix avail) ina and atep..
pix above is atep or awatif..
sweet jugak gadis nie.. 
frst word die pggil wanny
''cik cantik''
hakhak.. either cik atep salah pndang org or ape saya xtaw
tp bnyk kali pggil cik cantik and xde org pon nyaot.
so wanny toleh la.
hakhak... meliaw panggil saya rupanya..
compliment sgt atep taw
suka kawan ngan tehah adah atep n rest.
dorang best.
i know there will be gigantic obstacle throughout all sem 
at uitm shah alam but really hoping that these new 
n good friend of mine will stay by my side..
pada pix yg tidak diambil maaf
t kita snap pix sesama keh

hugs and kissess..

yang benar

another HOT stowie

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