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Monday, November 19, 2012

hactic.mactic.pactic.. err.. =='

what a pack schedule SS been pass thru tis back few days.
with my assgnment

futsal training and meeting

futsal tourney

project paper . presentation
ari presentation still chillin' with sara

dating.. ehem ehem..
so just go with d flow with high and 
well motivated sherynshazwanny'z spirit..

so i have to be extra struggle as im bz with sprtz as well..
and to tat one particular guy..
please keh.. i know ure reading tis..
please get rid of myself inside ur brain.
*ase nak campak kulit durian lelaju kat org yg spesis cenggini

and yeah.. pix above do motivate u to strives for ur best.

nota kaki : so wanny pe lagi..
kau xpayah nk jadi usain bolt sangat..
dok aktif sukan je..
jadi lah
*gabungan usain bolt n siti sipir..

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