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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

a note to self ~ *sad

life doesn't always on our side..
we have to accept all d truth lies beneath all d sadness
tat we faced..
life..if our life treat us cruel like no mercy
what else can we do. 
remain silent??
try to fake a smile ??
d best thing that u can do is
find almost any solution for ur problems.
smile.seek for frgiveness.
play ur part..play ur role.

for those yg kenal SS..
kat sini SS nak mntak maaf if ever tekasar bahasa.
i do have my own reason why i act that
towards u guys.
im sorry..
and i mean it. 
Sheryn Shazwanny


arnab kuning said...

u said kene selesaikan masalah, but basically u just running away from your problems.

arnab kuning said...

do tell us bout that would you?

cik shahrine shazwanie said...

hai arnab kuning.. firstly thnks drop by here. just to ask such thing.. do u know me ?? i bet u knw me coz how on earth u knw imma person that runs away from my problem..?? sometimes u have to run away but sometimes u have to face it .

arnab kuning said...

hmm.. thanks for the memory that we been through, and i know its not much that i could offer but truthfully thanks .. enjoy your life my dear SS..

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