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Monday, August 1, 2016


as i walk alone pass by the street,
all the memories flashback into my mind.
all the strong, tough obstacle i had went through
i feel strong for a moment
but then
i realize
it doesn't stop here.
there will be a tougher road i have to face.
there will be the hardest time i have to face..
which i pretty sure i'm not that strong anymore.
i wish i never grow up and met those people that hurt me
sometimes i feel jealous with the other people.
they look so happy . they cherish every part together.
they live their life as fairy tale together.


its a matter of trust issue.
i don't trust people easily.
i hate that myself can easily let people use me
but that is the fact. that is me.
but no matter how kind i am towards the other
they tend to  hurt me. still.
so when i said i trust YOU, means u were the chosen one
i choose to trust u because i love u.
but when u took things for granted,.
that is the time where my heart broke into pieces.
but its okay, although its fragile, but no one can see how bad the condition was.
and they assume that my heart still in good shape.
nahh. i'm good. good at handling things like this.
and most of the time.. to be frank,
i feel scared...to death.. thinking what future undertaking life will lead.
will i be as strong as i am now. (actually not that strong anymore)
or just let life took its part,

i just...

dont wanna grow up.

time : TBA
date : unknown

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