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Saturday, March 31, 2012

really hoping on u -used to be -

thnxx to one of my senior yg sudi accompany me when im sad to death~ 
when there's no one else ade tp die ade..
thanx buddy.. 
u're my best budddy ever...
life wusnt always hppy.. or suckz like hell..
its just how u manage ur life well..
me , i did a lot of big mistake tat i knw i shouldnt 
go for it..
as a normal human being YES i want a very hppy ending in my life..
and i really workin' hard towards tat actly..
so for now i think im not gonna depends on u nemore... ok ?
im sick n tired with ur selfish attitude..
imma be ok wth my life..
imma be d same wanny tat u knw...
life gotta keep movin' on..
so d freedom i'll gt will  be d strength i'll use
to move fwrd..
pictre below:
wth my crazee classmate n roomate..
yong ema awin n aisyh...
thanx accompany me when im sad , laughing, scared to death , n d reason why im smiling
at segamat... trima kasih kawan =)

picture below :
last day at segamat.. =)
gonna be memorable moment.

fake smile is d easiest thing to do~
just hide all ur pain and smile. 
more picta camin ' 
waiting for one of my fren to upload tat pix..
nota kaki : saya chenta awak :')

Thursday, March 29, 2012

ThIs lOvE WiLL nEvA D.I.E

im in love..
in love wth d person tat i really adore..
kamoo.. terima kasih..
really mean it..
hanya awak yg boleh buat saya rase indah camni..
pape pon saya besyukur sebab manage to reach this line today 
and u still here wth me..
tho awal2 pekenalan mmg bnyk gila probz kan..
tp awak xpenah penat pujuk sy untuk kawan dengan awk,,
im fallin for you..
thanx for lending this sweet guy to me YA ALLAH..
walaopon wanny xtaw pe isi hati sebenar die tp
wanny harap die rase ape yg wanny rase..
~ love is in d air ~
p/s : i love u wth all my heart~
miss ur smile n the ''suka sakat people'' attitude..
#picture of me n my lovely best buddy.. love u sema lambong! ehehe~~
cant wait fr the sweet trip wth sheda intan n asma up next~ =)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

sorry hunn~~ im not in my modd.. deng~

enjoy d air dat i breath
hey peeps..
morning... every morning dalam dua tiga hari nie 
memang SS rase sangat-sangat moody..
bukan sebab time of the month.. 
tapi sebab kan beberapa perkara..
tired.. haihhh~
sampai bila la nk cani kan..
really hope SS dapat lalui every single thing dengan jaya nya..
well time2 tense nie nak mengucapkan 
ribuan plus jutaan terima kasih to my lovely fren 
HEHE.. asma wanny surik pix nie dari pesebuk asma sebab 
ASMA~ =)
thnx to d owner of d picture tat is asma sebab
sudi menghilangkan tension saya yang da sampai kemuncak!
tgk ''ghost rider''
tgk ke??? bhahaha... 
and not to frgt eecharm and also syarull nizam
coz sudi trun kl all d way from seremban
to hang out bersama n meletihkan badan menyakat saya yg 
sememang nya melatah nie...
especially syahrull nizam... grrr~!!! 
syahrull nizam~
syahrull nizam and eecharm
thanx syahrull nizam~~ THANX! 

nota kaki : deng sad sebab sheda n intan were not around to join us.. 
next time sure mereka ini dipaksa tok hang out bersama..
sayang korang

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Martina McBride - I Just Call You Mine

sharing tis sweet vid.. thnx fr the songs...
ss speechless ats ke-sweetan lagu nie..

another HOT stowie

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