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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

when LOVE overwhelmed me ~~

taktaw ape gila aku update belog lak time time stress plus penat camnie..
but one thing for sure deep inside my heart im very happy with what hppnd to me.,
lepaking n having dinner with family bff 
so lets just see some picca~~

girls talk.

nota kaki : aku rase aku berubah :(
 bff.. i need u guys. :(

Saturday, October 6, 2012

tHe TiMe .. by ShErYN sHaZwAnNy~

salam ..

hey peeps..
what i can conclude is that my weekends
is the most tiring weEkends ever..
have to clean up new house.

but its fun though.. ehee.. 
sorry xdapat ngedate ngan yg dijanjikan tu.. sorry..
we'll meet some other time..
so readers feel free to click the ''follow this blog''
button keh..
and follow my twitter as well
*click link above

you can mostly knw what the heck is going thru my twitter 
as i am expressing all my mood there.
to all my classymate
best of luck for our mid term test..
struggle bfre we can actually rest up our mnd
during mid term break.
hugs and kissess to all


another HOT stowie

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