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Thursday, July 18, 2013

'' Volkswagen Tiguan And Touareg Take The R-Line ''

lama SS x hapdate pasal kereta or superbyke or stuff like this
yang memang sangat ohsem..
so lets take a look at this cool machine.
memula nampak salah sorang makhluk kat 

bandar country homes , rawang ni pkai
and tedetik kat hati 

'' pehhh ohsem gila kereta ni''
then xsampai due jam nampak lagi seketol 
tenggiling ensem ni 

same colour which is white . same brand ofcoz..
diff driver and plat num.

so.research la ape lagi. and i found out this one.
lawa.. macam cooper clubman sket sket
and mcm x6 pon hade..
memang taste haku uolz.haha..

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

dinner . a night to impress!

dinner yang telah selamat dijalan kan di intechma resort shah alam memang
boleh dikatakan ohsem walaupon kureng dari segi makanan..
xbebaloi dengan rege..
tp pape pon makanan tu pon da selamat masok perot aku.

so tak payah nak banyak bunyik~
some cool pix on that night

and tak dilupakan jugak
dinner atlet yg sgt ohsem
sebab meja aku boleh tahan gempak
bila atlet futsal satu meja
haaa.. hambek ko.

i am happy .yayyyyy me.

hi peeps..
its been a while for me to open this blog and post something
mostly random about my life.
well.as requested..
here we go.
but before that ss wanna wish happy fasting month to
all Muslims ..
so. as stated at the title column above ,
yes i am happy..
although i have to go through obstacle in my life
but that is not the reason for me to stay sad all d time.
im happy that i'd met wonderful people in my life.
thanks to my buddies~
and all d sweet moment that definitely will 
remain eternity in my heart.

another HOT stowie

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