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Thursday, July 18, 2013

'' Volkswagen Tiguan And Touareg Take The R-Line ''

lama SS x hapdate pasal kereta or superbyke or stuff like this
yang memang sangat ohsem..
so lets take a look at this cool machine.
memula nampak salah sorang makhluk kat 

bandar country homes , rawang ni pkai
and tedetik kat hati 

'' pehhh ohsem gila kereta ni''
then xsampai due jam nampak lagi seketol 
tenggiling ensem ni 

same colour which is white . same brand ofcoz..
diff driver and plat num.

so.research la ape lagi. and i found out this one.
lawa.. macam cooper clubman sket sket
and mcm x6 pon hade..
memang taste haku uolz.haha..

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