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Sunday, November 21, 2010

my passion..wohooaa

superb...yeah.. u go buddy.. tis is not my buddy and i donno when i'll owned such  superbyke like tis..
sumday sumhow.. hue ~
wut i like bout tis cool great monster is first of coz d design..damn attrcted me at the frst sight..
kawasaki had driven me crazee~~  the colour tat i love most wuz black and white..
well nothng much to say bout tis lovely creature thn juz badly adore it.. huhu..~
ducati monster wuz great too...
more cool pix n extra info juz chck out at www.kawasaki.com.my/
tis is my brother eta with his fz.. ahakz.. cool~

another HOT stowie

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